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State of the Union DataBase for performing sentiment analysis on the text of annual presidential addresses

Update as of January 2018

SOTU-db’s server access has been removed and we are working to get the site back online. Check Twitter @SOTU_db for the latest updates; we hope to have this resolved and access to SOTU-db restored soon.



Create a user-friendly interactive database of text documents from the State of the Union addresses through history and allows users to perform sentiment analysis on arbitrary search strings (words or phrases) within the database.

Development Blog

Please visit the SOTU-db development blog here!

Product Goals:

Primary Goals - Minimum Viable Product / Must-Haves

Secondary Goals / Would-haves

Stretch / future Goals / Could-haves

Out of Scope:

Survey of existing resources:


I use the term “SOTU” to describe any written or verbally delivered address included in the list at the American Presidency Project.