professional and scholarly portfolio

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Leisure in America historiographical essay for History of Urban America course

Chicago’s Black “Ghetto” historiographical essay for African-American Chicago course


Digital Humonaghan DH blog for Introduction to DH Design & Programming

SOTU-db dev blog documenting the State of the Union Database project

Monablog blogging my experiences learning to code, more to come


“Archive Buddy” demo (outside link) demo video for prototype mobile app for researchers conducting archival research

Explore Common Sense lesson plans (Click the “PDF Teacher’s Guide” link)(outside link) package of lesson plans designed around the “Explore Common Sense” digital edition


Scholarly edition of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address printable as a mini-book, includes facsimiles and apparatus of multiple editions of the Gettysburg Address

“Rambling” grant proposal a draft NEH grant proposal to fund an AR/360-photo tour of Loyola University Chicago’s campus